Solar Expansion

Hands On With The D-Sign

SmartScan Radar

Thorlux Installation Guides Go Digital

Hands On With The Kast

Hands On With The Flexview

Thorlux COVID-19 Safety Measures

Passlight LED Retrofit Installation

Lux Live Highlights 2019

See us in a new light

Solar Photovoltaic Installation at Thorlux HQ

Hands On With The Flexline

Smart Overview

Flex System - Rethink the Possibilities

Hands On With The Ovix

SmartScan Occupancy Profiling

SmartScan Air Quality

SmartScan Interactive Drawings

SmartScan Website

SmartScan External

SmartScan Internal

SmartScan Emergency

SmartScan Overview

Lux Live Highlights 2018

Let Us Inspire You

Product Testing

Comboseal Range

Prismalette Pro - Retro-Fit

Dot Swap - Retro-Fit

Carbon Offsetting Project

Thorlux Lighting Corporate Video

Arcadian - Tough to Beat

Lighting Cable Management

Solow XLED

Zipline Installation Example

Zipline Installation Guide

Thorlux Global Footprint

Building Regulations - Part B Fire Safety

Smart Luminaires for Warehouse Applications

Smart External Introduction

Introduction to Lighting Controls


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