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With a 350 square metre fully interactive Application Centre, a manufacturing facility incorporating a variety of different techniques and a new 2,472 square metre warehouse and distribution centre here in the UK, there is plenty to see and be inspired by.A visit to our facility can be tailored to your requirements and a comprehensive list of CPD’s is also available to bring you up to speed with either the latest standards or lighting technology. Scroll down to view all of our facilities, or justrequest a visit.

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01 | Education

Two interactive classrooms demonstrate how Thorlux luminaires provide the ideal lighting solution for modern learning environments in both new build and refurbishments. Thorlux offer a multi-service lighting system that can incorporate acoustic attenuation, lighting controls, sprinklers and public address systems. Luminaires incorporate Smart controls for energy savings through daylight dimming and presence detection.

02 | Healthcare

The healthcare area demonstrates the Thorlux approach to hospital lighting and the impact LG2 has on lighting schemes for hospital wards. The Thorlux range of healthcare luminaires combine innovative design and energy saving technology ensuring a comfortable environment for patients.

03 | Emergency

The interactive emergency lighting area demonstrates Scanlight AT. The system provides a unique opportunity to have reliable fit and forget emergency lighting combined with centralised testing and reporting. Automated testing eliminates the time taken for inspection of individual emergency luminaires and significantly reduces costs. Thorlux is able to advise on current emergency lighting legislation and test requirements.

04 | Exterior

The exterior display demonstrates advancements in LED technology combined with the energy saving benefits of our Smart External system. The “night-time “ facility enables the visitor to see at first hand the advantages of programmable presence and ambient light sensing.

05 | Mental Health

The Mental health bedroom demonstrates the capability of Human Centric Lighting in an ligature-resistant and impact resistant environment. Human Centric Lighting is the ability to promote a person’s well-being, mood and health through lighting, principally through altering illuminance levels and colour temperature to help alleviate the disruption of a person’s circadian rhythm.

06 | Factory

Thorlux is proud to manufacture in the UK and uses a mixture of traditional and modern processes. Metal punching and bending machines, in house powder coating and a robotic wiring machine are to name just some of the techniques employed.

07 | Warehouse & Distribution

The new 2400m² Thorlux warehouse features the very latest VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) “man up” fork lift trucks’, speeding up the time it takes to pick items. The facility also displays the latest energy saving lighting solutions. High performance LED ‘high bay’ luminaires demonstrate just how far LED technology has come, while the latest energy saving systems utilise daylight ingress and switch off luminaires for the vast majority of the day.

08 | LED Technology

LED technology is quickly becoming the preferred choice for many applications. Thorlux has been designing and assembling its own LED circuit boards since 2006, however, to keep pace with demand, recent investment has been made in a new state of the art pick and place SMT (surface mount technology) line which increases capacity by over 500%.

09 | Product Testing

In the newly refurbished Lighting Industry Association registered Photometric Laboratory, Thorlux tests luminaires to maintain their reputation for reliability and quality. Testing covers all aspects of the service conditions a product may experience including extreme ambient temperatures, dust/water ingress, EMC and compliance with European lighting equipment standards.

10 | CPD Offer

Thorlux offer a range of professional CPD presentations ranging from updates in lighting technology to guidance on lighting applications and legislation. These presentations are non-sales based and are intended to disseminate knowledge and best lighting practices.

11 | Carbon Offsetting Scheme

Thorlux is committed to minimising the environmental impact of both its manufacturing processes and products. However, even with the most responsible approach, some carbon dioxide (CO₂) will be released into the atmosphere as an indirect result of factory and selling activities and customers’ use of luminaires. Thorlux has therefore designed an ambitious carbon-offsetting scheme to help compensate for these emissions. On 215 acres of land in Devauden, Monmouthshire, Thorlux is planting in excess of 3000 trees each year.