Bathrooms and Toilets

Bathrooms and Toilets

BS 7671 - Requirements for electrical installations indicates the type of luminaires and the supply voltages allowable when positioned in zones close to bathtubs, showers or wash basins. BS 7671 also indicates the IP rating and insulation requirements of luminaires.

As a functioning space lighting should provide a bright, glare free uniform design for the full room. As well as the main general lighting there should be a separately controlled luminaire providing diffuse lighting over the mirror, normally located above the washbasin.

Presence detection with suitable time delays works well in these spaces. Some premises may require night lighting which can be achieved by a dedicated night light luminaire, or to reduce ceiling clutter it may be possible to allow the general luminaire to dim back to a low level, ramping up to full output on detection.

The fire safety risk assessment should be consulted for the design of emergency lighting. CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 9 – Lighting for communal residential buildings 2013 recommends 100 lux for toilets and 150 lux for bathrooms.

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