Herongate House

Islington, London, United Kingdom

Herongate House is operated by Islington London Borough Council in London. The council was created by the London Government Act 1963 and replaced two local authorities: Finsbury Metropolitan Borough Council and Islington Metropolitan Borough Council. It is one of 32 London borough councils. Herongate House Sheltered Housing is listed under the London Sheltered Housing and accommodates a Bright Start Centre for mothers and young children.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

The corridor areas at Herongate House were previously lit using predominantly 28W 2D Bulkheads which were on 24 hours a day with no lighting control. Thorlux Lighting was asked to propose a new installation that would combine the necessary energy cost savings with an improved quality of lighting in the building. The recommendation was based on installing LED luminaires and the Thorlux SmartScan monitoring and management system.

The Solution

The 2D bulkheads were replaced with 20W LED Glodomes and the T8 linear luminaires with Kanby LED luminaires providing excellent energy savings. Further to this the addition of the SmartScan wireless lighting management system has delivered energy savings in excess of 90% compared with the previous conventional technology. Integral sensors monitor ambient light and presence, control output to the correct level, dim and switch when there is sufficient daylight and illuminate only when the area is occupied. In this case the luminaires are dimmed to a 10% security light level during the night to ensure safety is maintained throughout the building. The SmartScan luminaires simply require a mains connection, all communication cables are replaced by the mesh network so there is no need for additional data cables. The existing wiring points were utilised resulting in a significant reduction in installation time and cost.

91 %

Energy Saving


Reduction in luminaire maintenance costs.


3.9 Years

5,992kg decrease in CO2

Systems and Services Used in this Project


Lighting management & emergency monitoring

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