Pedestrian subways and underpasses should be illuminated uniformly, with good levels of illumination on the walls and ceilings to make them seem less threatening. Signage should be well illuminated to ensure it is visible from a distance.

The threshold areas should be well lit to assist adaption from bright sunlight into a dark underpass, and to allow the exits to be identified.

Emergency lighting may be needed in longer underpasses when the exits are not clearly visible, especially if the underpass is used after dark.

The Vandalux is designed for cornice mounting, is vandal resistant and can be installed as a single luminaire or as part of a continuous installation with infills between luminaires.

The ceiling mounted version of the Prismalette Pro is ideal for this application because it has excellent vertical illumination, wide spacings and uniform illumination. It can also be cornice mounted with a cornice accessory housing.

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