Pathways & Pedestrian Areas

Pathways & Pedestrian Areas

Key considerations are user safety and vandal resistance. Good colour rendition, (CRI 80 or better) can promote user comfort user comfort.

Steps and stairwells need careful design to ensure clear definition of each step and riser. The illumination level on each step should be at least 100 lux. Luminaires need to be carefully located so that they do not create a glare problem for users.

Good vertical illumination is needed so that people’s faces and features are clearly visible, increasing user comfort as well as improving CCTV images.

The wide distribution Realta is ideal for pathways because the increased lateral spacing means fewer luminaires are needed and energy costs are reduced.

The Passway bollard uses high performance optics to provide increased spacing with good uniformity. Flexibility is offered because it's switchable between area and pathway distributions. It offers multiple installation configurations, including the patent-pending Flexbase which means it will withstand slow speed knocks from parking vehicles.


Bollards are suitable for lighting pedestrian and cycle paths in urban areas. They provide a low level lighting solution without the need for tall columns which might spoil the aesthetic and increase spill lighting into adjacent gardens and properties.

However, bollards are at risk of damage by vandalism so need to be used with care, and poorly designed optics result in glare, poor uniformity and closer spacings.

Passway, launched at the end of 2019, is a contemporary, highly robust and optically refined LED bollard that is designed to protect itself and those around it. Passway uses a dedicated lens for each LED to ensure the most efficient distribution of light resulting in highly impressive luminaire spacings whilst still maintaining uniformity. FlexBase technology (patent pending) allows it to pivot up to 10° from the vertical absorbing the force from low-speed impacts. Passway gently returns to the upright position once the force is removed.

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