Façade & Building Perimeter

Façade & Building Perimeter

Many buildings are lit externally at night, and for a variety of reasons.

Historic buildings, often viewed as local landmarks, are illuminated to highlight the architecture and heritage, bringing into relief details not easily seen in daylight.

The retail, hotel, entertainment, pub and restaurant sectors use external illumination as a form of advertising, often with a standard corporate scheme to make them welcoming and at the same time highlighting the recognisable brand.

Good facade lighting makes town and city centres more attractive, welcoming environments, increasing a visitor’s sense of safety by acting as a deterrent to vandalism.

The SLL Lighting Guide 6 provides excellent guidance on the best way to illuminate building facades.

Choice of Luminaire

The Starflood is a versatile floodlight that can be used effectively to light a building facade. It is suitable for a variety of mounting positions, including pole top, wall, corner and on-ground as an uplighter.

The large adjustment arc means the light output can be aimed exactly where it’s needed.

The aluminium casting and polycarbonate cover provide IP66 and IK10 ratings, which mean it’s very tough, vandal resistant and sealed against the weather.


The wide-distribution Realta is a wall-mounted luminaire ideal for lighting a building perimeter because the increased spacing reduces the number of luminaires needed, whilst maintaining good uniformity.

Average illuminance
Uniformity (min/av)
3 m mounting height - 3 m forward throw
10 m 22 0.48
15 m 15 0.47
20 m 11 0.22
4 m mounting height - 4 m forward throw
10 m 17 0.48
15 m 11 0.45
20 m 8 0.47
5 m mounting height - 5 m forward throw
10 m 13 0.42
15 m 9 0.48
20 m 7 0.45
Figures are based on initial lumens

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