Electronic Equipment Manufacture

Electronic Equipment Manufacture

Electronic equipment manufacture involves precision placement of tiny components, so good quality glare-free lighting is essential.

Illumination Levels

Many manufacturers have their own specifications, but typical values are between 500 and 1000 lux, UGR limit = 16 or 19, and minimum uniformity of 0.6 or 0.7.

Many electronic components are colour coded, so CRI 80 is the lowest acceptable colour rendition standard, and CRI 90 is frequently specified.

Based on CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 1 - The Industrial Environment 2018

Application Maintained illuminance (lux) UGR Limit Minimum uniformity (U0) Ra
Assembly of precision components, e.g. telecommunication equipment, adjustment, inspection and calibration 1000 16 0.7 80
Assembly of high precision parts 1500 16 0.7 80
Printed Circuit Boards
Silk Screening 500 22 0.6 80
Hand insertion of components, soldering 750 19 0.7 80
Inspection 1000 16 0.7 80
Assembly of wiring harness, cleating harness, testing and calibration 750 19 0.7 80
Chassis assembly 1000 16 0.7 80
Inspection and Testing
Soak Test 300 25 0.6 80
Safety and functional tests 300 25 0.6 80
* Many users have their own specifications


Glare can be an issue, so luminaires with good optical control and low luminance are ideal for these applications. This is often made all the harder due to the high light output often needed. Adjustable task lighting may also be beneficial.

Cleanline and Tau luminaires are available with a low glare diffuser option.

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