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Safety and security are key requirements for car parks, and good lighting is essential to achieve these objectives. Whilst discharge lamps have been traditionally used, LEDs bring significant advantages, making a strong case for the replacement of old discharge lighting with LED technology

Colour Rendition

The improved colour rendering properties of white LEDs compared to the monochromatic yellow appearance of discharge lamps not only makes colours more realistic, the improved colour performance can also increase the feeling of safety which can be an important consideration in many urban environments.





Instant Strike/Restrike for Increased Energy Savings

The instant strike capability of LEDs is also a major advantage. Conventional discharge lamps take time to warm up to full brightness, and if switched off need a period of time to cool down before they re-strike. External lighting has typically been controlled with a simple photocell – it switches on at dusk and off at dawn. Whilst this is easy to install, it wastes huge amounts of energy.

LEDs can be switched frequently and give instant full output, which means they can be used with control systems such as SmartScan to achieve significant energy savings through flexible time-based switching and automatic presence detection.

Instant Strike/Restrike for Increased Energy Savings

Vandal Resistance

Car parks require robust luminaires, so almost all Thorlux external products use UV-stabilised polycarbonate covers (a selection use toughened glass) and cast aluminium bodies for rigidity and impact resistance.



Maintenance costs can be very high in car parks due to access difficulties. Access equipment is needed to reach column-top lanterns, and in multi-storey car parks, areas may need to be cordoned off to allow engineers to work safely.

Many of the Thorlux external product ranges are rated for 100,000 hours (L80/B10), which significantly extends maintenance periods and reduces cost. All luminaires are fully serviceable, using replaceable LED printed circuit boards and drivers. Lifetime data sheets are available on the product pages for all luminaires.

LED Lifetime
Lamp changes over 100,000 hours

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