Topsporthal de Slagen

Waalwijk, Netherlands

Topsporthal de Slagen is a versatile sports hall serving Waalwijk and the surrounding area, facilitated by Sportbedrijf Waalwijk. The multifunctional, centrally-located venue hosts national and international sports, with regular broadcasts of top-tier events. De Slagen is also a destination of choice for many sports associations, schools, and recreational athletes.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

De Slagen required a new, flexible lighting installation with the quality expected of a professional sports venue. The various high-level ball sports held at de Slagen meant any new lighting fixtures must have high impact resistance.

Additionally, the venue regularly hosts camera crews for high-level competitions, such as the European Handball Championship, requiring at least 700 lux lighting in the playing area.

To fulfil these requirements, De Slagen chose a future-proof Thorlux lighting installation with Visio Sport luminaires controlled by the SmartScan wireless lighting management system.

The Solution

With SmartScan scene controls, operators can program up to five lighting scenarios, including a high-output setting for broadcast events. In addition, the SmartScan system has the advantage of automatically turning off when no light is needed, using advanced presence detection sensors.

The Thorlux Visio Sport luminaire offers superior impact resistance (rated to IK10) and complies with DIN EN 18032-3 and DIN VDE 0710-13. Visio Sport is highly efficient, with an efficacy of up to 154.8 lumens per circuit watt. The superior visual performance due to the high light levels and excellent uniformity ensures that athletes can perform at the top of their game.

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