Faraday Building

Swansea, United Kingdom

The Faraday Building is located on the Singleton Campus of Swansea University. It is the home of a new Estates and Campus Services Work Hub, which came online in early 2024 with a full suite of SmartScan-equipped Thorlux luminaires installed.

The plan for the Hub was to move away from traditional office design and toward hybrid working arrangements. The design focused on creating a mix of fixed desks, collaboration spaces and solo working zones, meeting rooms and a dedicated area for photocopying and storage.

Thorlux Lighting was invited to provide a fresh and novel lighting design to elevate the look and feel of the space. The open-plan office has been lit using SmartScan-equipped Flexbeam suspended luminaires with grey acoustic baffles, with additional lighting from Flexline, Flexblox and Hi-Bar Suspended luminaires. Meeting spaces are illuminated with stylish Flexline and Hi-Bar luminaires, while Hi-Style recessed luminaires are used in utility spaces.

Applications Covered:

"The lighting certainly fits the bill and is in keeping with the aesthetic of the new space. The smart lighting features ensure sustainability and that we meet our environmental credentials. I'd like to thank Thorlux for ensuring a successful and exciting lighting design, which has gone down well with everyone working in and visiting the Faraday Building."

Rosetta Tufarelli

Project Officer, Swansea University

Systems and Services Used in this Project


Lighting management & emergency monitoring

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