Athlone Training Centre

Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland

Athlone Training Centre, as part of Longford Westmeath Education Training Board (LWETB), is committed to delivering an extensive range of training courses to its clients. These clients include persons entering the labour market for the first time, persons changing career, persons wishing to up-date or acquire new skills and early school leavers. The Training Centre provides courses in areas such as information communication technology, social media, health care, construction, engineering, health and beauty and software development. The Training Centre constantly reviews its courses to ensure they are up to date with current standards and works with industry to ensure they meet market needs.

Applications Covered:

The Challenge

The facilities of Athlone Training Centre are positioned in a single story building which utilises daylight through existing sky domes. The client's request was to use as much of this daylight as possible. The training centre was originally lit with fluorescent luminaires. The fluorescent luminaires were coming toward their end of life and the client identified a potential to improve the lit environment and reduce the power consumption through an upgrade to LED luminaires with automatic lighting controls.

The Solution

The Thorlux Smart control system was used to maximise savings in energy consumption and use as much daylight as possible. When daylight enters the space the lighting controls take this light into account and gradually dim the luminaires, saving energy whilst maintaining the required light level. As daylight increases, luminaire output decreases and luminaires may even switch off, therefore reducing energy consumption.The Smart luminaires allowed a simple one for one replacement of the existing luminaires, with no need for new cabling, so keeping installation costs to a minimum.

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