Highly sustainable exterior floodlight


Acorn has been engineered to redefine the benchmarks of sustainability. Crafted with a commitment to environmental responsibility, each component has been carefully selected to ensure minimal ecological impact throughout its lifecycle.

The IP66 housing is manufactured from European oak, 100% post-industrial recycled polycarbonate gear enclosure and 90% recycled aluminium gear tray and mounting bracket. Highly efficient driver and PMMA lenses ensure low running costs and low operational carbon.

Acorn has achieved an industry-leading TM66 score of 3.1 which has been verified as the highest published score of any luminaire under the LIA/CIBSE certification scheme TSD-012 to date.

Acorn is also Darksky approved due to its zero upward light and 2700K colour temperature. In combination with the SmartScan External control system the impact on its immediate environment once installed can also be kept to the absolute minimum.

Applications: car parks, amenity areas, hospital estates, general roadway

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