Passway - A Feature Packed State of the Art Lighting Bollard

Posted on Thursday, February 27, 2020

Passway is a lighting bollard with an abundance of unique features. The superior optics allow the Passway to be spaced further apart than conventional bollards, requiring fewer luminaires to light a space, whilst still achieving a high level of uniformity and just 2% upward light. The on-board optical selector switch provides on-site adjustment between area and pathway distributions providing flexibility and ease of installation. Slight knocks from parking vehicles can compromise the structure of a lighting bollard, so Passway features patent pending FlexBase technology, an innovative protection system that allows it to pivot up to 10° from vertical, gently returning to the upright position once the force is removed. Passway is designed to provide high performance and long life for a variety of different applications.

For further information please visit the Passway features page.

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