Switch to ‘green’ copper cuts carbon footprint

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2024

To further mitigate the environmental impact of its operations, Thorlux Lighting has collaborated with key suppliers to decrease the CO₂ emissions associated with the electrical cable used to manufacture its extensive range of luminaires. This achievement has been made possible through a strategic alliance between Thorlux, a leading UK-based cable manufacturer, and a northern European mining and processing operation pioneering low-carbon copper wire.

The global average CO₂ emissions for copper manufacture exceeds 4.5 kilogrammes per kilo of metal produced. However, the low-carbon 8mm copper rod now used to manufacture cable for Thorlux luminaires generates less than 1.7 kg CO₂ per kilo of copper - a remarkable 62% reduction.

Key to this accomplishment is the implementation of highly efficient mining processes, using fossil-free energy sources, and efficient transportation to move the raw copper cathodes to a state-of-the-art production facility.

The copper rod is then further refined in the UK, using lean production methods and sustainable manufacturing measures to transform it into various cable types for luminaire manufacture.

Thorlux is a significant consumer of electrical cable, using an average of 1.8 million metres each year. With approximately 73% of its total cable usage earmarked for transition to low-carbon copper, the company anticipates a reduction of 27.5 tonnes in CO₂ emissions annually.

The first phase of this initiative has been to migrate all single-core cables utilised in internal luminaire wiring to low-carbon copper. This transition alone has resulted in a reduction of 12.1 tonnes of CO₂ emissions yearly. Thorlux is now switching its multi-core flex cables to low-carbon copper, with an anticipated additional reduction of 15.4 tonnes of CO₂ emissions annually.

This collaborative effort between Thorlux Lighting and its suppliers exemplifies proactive sustainability efforts across the supply chain. Watch this space for further news on sustainability at Thorlux.

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