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Thorlux offers a range of professional CPD presentations ranging from updates in lighting technology to guidance on lighting applications and legislation. These presentations are CIBSE approved therefore non-sales based and are intended to disseminate knowledge and best lighting practices.


Lighting Fundamentals

The productivity and wellbeing of people within a given space can be significantly affected by the lighting. Achieving the correctly lit environment in an energy efficient and regulatory compliant way is the crux of lighting design.

This presentation examines the fundamentals of lighting, focusing on topics such as “What is light?” and “How does the eye work?” The basics of lighting design and lighting design criteria, including the importance of maintenance factors, reflection factors and glare are discussed, as well as commonly used terms and units.

part l

Part L of the Building Regulations

Part L of the Building Regulations sets out the criteria for energy use within buildings. Lighting typically accounts for 20% of all energy consumed, so as we strive towards greater energy efficiency in buildings, lighting becomes a key factor in the overall consideration.

This presentation looks at the lighting requirements set out in the regulation as well as discussing the Lighting Energy Numeric Indicator (LENI) metric. The future requirements of Part L are also considered.


Application of LEDs

As the LED product market continues to grow at a rapid pace, Lighting Designers and Specifiers have an increasing catalogue of LED luminaire options to choose from. This presentation takes a look at the application of LED technology in simple terms.

Guidance is provided on how to specify LED luminaires and explores the questions that should be asked of the manufacturer. Comparing LED light sources with conventional products is also covered allowing differences in product performance to be understood. High power LEDs are an exciting new technology, but as with any new technology there are lessons to learn - don’t get caught out!


Lighting, Energy and the Environment

Energy use and our environment are inexorably linked. No matter how hard we try, using innovative efficient new luminaire designs and controls, an installation will always have a carbon footprint. But, how much energy is used in the production of luminaires adding to that carbon footprint? One light can indirectly produce one tonne of CO₂ per annum from its energy use alone, what can we do about it?

A balance must be achieved between the quality of the lit environment from the user’s viewpoint and all aspects of the environmental impact of the installation throughout its operating life. Are you passionate about helping to save the environment, and would you like to save the client money at the same time? This presentation answers these questions and suggests a modern approach to reducing all our carbon concerns.


Lighting for Healthcare Environments (LG2)

LG2 defines the visual performance required for healthcare premises, it concentrates on three important aspects; advice on lighting application, the quantity and quality of light, and replication of daylight conditions under which we have evolved.

The presentation will concentrate on these key areas using worked solutions, with an emphasis on hospital wards.


Lighting for Educational Establishments (LG5)

The Society of Light and Lighting guide LG5, aspires to put lighting at the forefront of design for educational environments. Lighting designers will be directed to provide inspirational environments together with improved functionality and energy efficiency.

This raises questions such as, How can lighting contribute to improved learning? What are the fundamentals that good design should embrace to inspire the student and empower the teacher? How do I do all of this for the lowest capital cost and in the most energy efficient way? This presentation aims to answer some of these questions and provide an insight into future developments.


Office Lighting (LG7)

The creation of an appropriate lit environment for millions of office workers is vital for good health and productivity. The intricate requirements needed are often poorly reflected in the design brief; leading to a costly legacy of very poor visual environments, dissatisfaction and general inefficiency.

This presentation reviews LG7 in terms of the design approaches and methods, complications that arise when using VDT screens and how lighting controls can assist in aiding user comfort and energy efficiency. Finally, common design pitfalls are covered to help you avoid them.


Lighting for Emergency Situations (LG12)

Emergency Lighting and Signage present a number of challenges for the designer, the installer and the end-user. Design requirements vary between different types of buildings, and the needs of specific users need to be considered. The building owner has a legal obligation to regularly test and maintain emergency luminaires, but this can be time-consuming and costly.

This presentation considers the issues raised by the current legislative requirements particularly for the designer and the end-user. It shows how new technologies can be used to address the issues relating to effective emergency lighting provision, and to reduce life-cycle costs for the end-user.


Lighting for Residential Buildings (LG9)

Lighting Guide 9 provides detailed guidance on the lighting requirements of residential buildings. These maybe private dwellings, residential tower blocks or halls of residence. This presentation provides an overview of the recommendations in LG9, focusing not only on light levels but the importance of light quality and wellbeing.

Advances in technology now enable us to light spaces more efficiently than ever before, so light source technology and controls are also covered with real case studies demonstrating how far we have come.

effects of lighting

Non-Visual Effects of Light

Light plays a much bigger role in our lives than just allowing us to see. As we begin to understand more about our response to light and human behaviour, increasingly lighting designers have much more to think about than just task illuminance alone.

This presentation looks at how light impacts us, our response, and suggests ways in which we can improve our artificially lit environments and enhance our wellbeing.



    Marketing and Lighting Applications Director


    Product Manager - Commercial


    Technical Manager


    Product Manager - Industrial and Exterior


    Thorlux Ireland Sales Manager


    Thorlux Ireland Sales Engineer


    Product Specialist for Lighting Controls


Marketing and Lighting Applications Director

Richard has been with Thorlux Lighting for 20 years, working his way from Trainee Lighting Design Engineer to Marketing and Lighting Applications Director. During this time Richard has built up first-hand experience of luminaires, control systems and their application. He studied for his MSc in Light and Lighting in 2012 and is a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting.

Richard is involved in the development, marketing and application of luminaires and controls. Richard is also proud to have served as President of the Society of Light and Lighting in 2017.


Product Manager - Commercial

Sonia Pepperell has a product design, art and architectural lighting design background and currently works in the Product Management department at Thorlux Lighting working with Commercial products. Sonia manages the continuing performance of existing luminaires, development of new products and assists with special projects co-ordinating bespoke products for large projects.

Sonia has been in the lighting industry for over 13 years, has successfully completed the Lighting Industry Association’s Advanced Lighting Courses and LET Diploma and is currently the SLL Lighting Representative for the West Midlands region.


Technical Manager

Matt’s career in lighting started 24 years ago when he joined Thorlux as an apprentice. Working his way through the Quality and Technical Services departments and being the Engineering Assistant to the Managing Director to his current position of Technical Manager, Matt has achieved HNC in Mechanical engineering and a degree in Management of Manufacturing System.

Through this time Matt has built up first-hand knowledge of lighting, luminaires and lighting control systems, is involved in the design, development and marketing of luminaires and is also responsible for running the group’s carbon offsetting scheme.


Product Manager - Industrial and Exterior

Alan has worked at Thorlux since 2001, starting in the Export Sales Office as a trainee before spending time in other areas of the business. Alan then returned to Export Sales as an Engineer, managing the companies European distributors whilst also assisting with other areas of international business.

In 2015 he became Product Manager for industrial and exterior products using his experience of international markets to assist in the development of products and support for all of the markets which Thorlux work in. Alan is involved in the conception, development, launch and sales support of all industrial and exterior products which includes many products used in social housing and has a strong focus on working with customers in this area.


Thorlux Ireland Sales Manager

Paul Ford has over sixteen years’ experience in the lighting industry. Paul’s educational qualifications include an honours degree in electronic engineering, a master’s of business administration, as well as lighting industry qualifications of an ILE diploma in exterior lighting design and FETAC (Irish statutory body) certificate in emergency lighting design and commissioning.

Over the past decade, Paul has managed the Thorlux Ireland sales office. His current role includes working with end clients and electrical engineers to develop and deliver the most effective lighting solutions, for both general and emergency lighting, to a wide range of commercial and industrial market sectors with a general focus on food, pharmaceutical and data industries.


Thorlux Ireland Sales Engineer

Cathal has over 10 years’ experience in lighting when he joined Thorlux as a Trainee Sales Engineer. Cathal qualified with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and has acquired lighting industry qualifications such as the LIF Certificate in lighting design and FETAC (Irish statutory body) certificate in emergency lighting design and commissioning.

Cathal has built up an in-depth knowledge of lighting, lighting technologies, luminaires and lighting control systems combined with the commercial aspects of Sales and Project Management. His role includes working with end clients and electrical engineers to develop and deliver the most effective lighting solutions to a wide range of commercial and industrial market sectors.


Product Specialist for Lighting Controls

Andrew has worked in the lighting industry for the past 18 years. The majority of this time was spent working with emergency lighting systems. Andrew was involved in the design, development and marketing of these systems. He joined the team at Thorlux 4 years ago as a Sales Engineer in order to broaden his knowledge and experience of lighting, design and controls.

With his education and background in electronic systems and communications it was a logical step for Andrew to take on his current position of Product Specialist for lighting controls. He is now focussed on supporting Thorlux and the Sales team in their day to day activities, to educate, consult and project manage lighting schemes that employ Thorlux controls. Involved in the development of all products within the business, however specialising in Lighting Controls and Emergency Lighting Systems.

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