Control Rooms

Control Rooms

The lighting scheme for a control room needs to be designed with care to ensure that displays are free from glare, with good contrast and clarity.

Luminaires need to be selected and positioned carefully to ensure the operatives have light exactly where they need it to allow them to use their controls, at the same time avoiding glare on the visual displays.

Glare Control

It is important that luminaires comply with the luminance limits set out in CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 7: Office Lighting to ensure user comfort and avoid distracting reflections in computer and other display screens.

The limits vary from 1,500 cd/m² to 3,000 cd/m² depending on the type of screen and software being used. It is important to ensure that the luminaire complies with these limits.

Unified Glare Rating (UGR) must also be calculated for the space, typically UGR should not exceed an index of 19 for office work spaces. Thorlux pays particular attention to these parameters and manufactures a wide variety of luminaires that meet these requirements.

Emergency Lighting

A standby generator is often installed in order to maintain good illumination levels to allow processes to continue or to be safely shut down.

This is often backed-up with self-contained emergency lighting to cover the switch-over period between mains failure and the generator coming on-line.

The Firefly Surface emergency luminaire is available with both area and corridor lenses. The Lexi-65 is a sealed bulkhead luminaire that can be used as an exit sign by the addition of a self-adhesive legend. The Duo-Spot IP65 version is ideal for illuminating an open area.

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