Plant Rooms

Plant Rooms

Data Centres rely on their mechanical plant to keep racks cooled and to remove particles from the air, so have large plant rooms, often with high ambient temperatures and humidity.

Luminaires must be suitable for this environment. The A-Line is sealed to IP66, has an aluminium body which helps dissipate heat away from control gear and is suitable for temperatures up to 50 °C. This ensures long life, the A-Line is rated for 100,000 hours, L70/B10.

Illumination Levels

Extract from CIBSE: SLL Lighting Handbook 2018

Space Recommended maintained illuminance (lux)
Open Floors 100 lux floor
Control panels, switches, valves, warning signs and on the surfaces of equipment where maintenance is carried out 200 lux vertical illumination
* Many users have their own specifications

SmartScan Internal

In many instances, lack of good lighting management results in an enormous amount of energy wastage when luminaires are left on in plant rooms that are unoccupied for days.

SmartScan Internal can ensure that energy is not wasted by turning luminaires off when the plant room is vacated.

More Details

Emergency Lighting

BS 5266-1 recommends emergency lighting be provided to allow safe egress. If, in the event of an emergency, some-one needs to access control panels or other items in the plant room, then 15 lux is required in the plane of the visual task. A Risk Assessment should therefore determine where emergency lighting is required and the appropriate illumination level.

High ambient temperatures can be an issue for maintained emergency luminaires, so the surface mount Firefly Surface and Firefly Plus Surface are ideal.

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