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Technology changes in recent years have led to a rapid increase in the number and size of data centres. Smart-phones, online shopping, cloud-technology and social media are just some of the developments which have led to this growth.

From a lighting perspective, data centres can present unique challenges.

Energy Management

Data centres use lots of energy, and it is difficult to achieve energy savings from the major loads such as servers and the air conditioning chillers. Lighting is one area where savings can be achieved.

The Thorlux approach is to use long life, highly efficient luminaires coupled with SmartScan Lighting Management, to extend maintenance periods and reduce running costs.

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UPS/Standby Generation

All data centres have standby power supplies which keep the servers and air conditioning running in the event of a power outage. In many areas the lighting is split across essential and non-essential circuits, so in the event of a power failure, the essential circuits are fed from the standby generator providing a reduced lighting level.

Emergency Lighting

SmartScan Emergency automates emergency lighting testing, so removes the time-consuming task of manual testing. It also provides email notification of status and test results and off-site record storage.

Data centres can present challenges for battery life due to the high ambient temperatures in some areas and the size of some of the rooms. Please contact us for guidance.

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