Pharmaceutical manufacturing areas often have large items of process equipment, pipes and ductwork, so a regular array of recessed modular luminaires is impractical. The best alternative is to use sealed surface luminaires that can in installed in locations that coordinate with the equipment layout.

The design approach is to provide a comparatively low overall lighting level to ensure safe access, supplemented with task lighting specifically where it is required. Inspection areas need a higher illumination level with good uniformity and low-glare.

Illumination Levels

Based on CIBSE: SLL Lighting Guide 1 - The Industrial Environment 2018

Application Maintained illuminance (lux) UGR Limit Minimum uniformity (U0) Ra
Pharmaceutical manufacture:
  • Grinding, granulating, mixing, drying, tableting, sterilising, washing, preparation of solutions, filling, capping, wrapping, hardening
500 22 0.6 80
Fine chemical manufacture
  • Exterior walkways, platforms, stairs and ladders
50 1.4 20
Process plant 150 28 0.7 40
Fine chemical finishing 500 19 0.8 80
Inspection 750 19 0.7 80
* Many pharmaceutical companies have their own build specifications

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