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SmartScan builds on the established Smart system with added features, providing a superior lighting control system.

The wired Motionline connection has been replaced with a wireless radio signal which eliminates the need for control cabling, making significant savings in installation time, complexity and cost. The utilisation of 868 MHz mesh network technology results in a robust, reliable method of communication between luminaires within a single room or across a large complex.

SmartScan is available in two platforms:

At Platform 1 information can be downloaded from each luminaire using a SmartScan Programmer to determine

  • Energy usage data
  • Control gear functional status
  • Light source functional status

Should the layout of a space change luminaire groups can be reconfigured or expanded using the same programmer, without the need for complex wiring changes.

At Platform 2 the same luminaires are wirelessly linked into a Gateway which collects and transmits their energy performance data and complete operational status to the SmartScan website. This information can be viewed using tablets, smart-phones, laptops and computers. The website displays the energy usage in a graphical format based on consumption (kWh), cost, CO₂ emissions and also provides greater detail for functional status.

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