Cold Stores

Cold Stores

Cold-stores and freezers vary enormously in size from small walk-in units to bulk stores where fork-lift trucks operate in temperatures as low as -30 °C.

LEDs do not have the same problems at low temperatures as fluorescent lamps, so are the obvious choice. Many LED industrial luminaires are rated for use down to -20 °C, but some can be used as low as -40 °C.

Please contact your local sales engineer or the technical helpline to discuss specific applications.

Choice of Luminaire

A-Line and Thoroproof are suitable sealed luminaires. Cleanline can be used where a recessed luminaire is needed

Low Temperature LED Luminaires

Low temperatures are not an issue for LED luminaires because LEDs do not face the same issues as fluorescent lamps at low temperatures. Many luminaires are suitable for temperatures down to -20 °C, some as low as -40 °C.

Many cold stores have humidity control to maintain a high relative humidity to ensure the quality of the stored goods. In this application, luminaires with an IP rating of IPx5 or IPx6 to ensure that the luminaire is sealed and protected against moisture ingress.

Emergency Lighting

The performance of rechargeable batteries is compromised at low temperatures, so the preferred solution is to use a remote battery pack which is mounted outside the cold-room. Please contact your local sales engineer or the technical helpline for more information. SmartScan Emergency automates the testing regime, so maintenance staff do not need to spend time in the cold store performing manual tests.

Emergency Demonstration Experience
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