Canolux LED

Low depth LED petrol station forecourt luminaires


  • Ingress Protection Rating IP43
  • LED
  • CE Marked
  • SmartScan External

LED luminaires with zinc coated steel body and 3mm thick acrylic front cover. Recessed or surface mounting options. “Intelligent” Smart options with integral presence detection.

Applications: petrol station forecourts.


Heat sink

Smart External sensor

Description Quantity Wattage per luminaire Energy cost per annum Energy cost over 10 years (including inflation) Capital, energy and maintenance cost over 10 Years
Typical 250W MBI-T vs LED
Typical 250W MBI-T 16 275 £4,625 £55,532 £76,694
Canolux 116W LED 12 128 £1,615 £19,385 £31,355
Saving - 147 £3,010 £36,147 £45,399
Typical 250W MBI-T vs LED Smart External
Typical 250W MBI-T 16 275 £4,625 £55,532 £76,694
Canolux 116W LED Smart External 12 128 £779 £9,351 £17,455
Saving - 147 £3,834 £46,033 £59,091

Alternatively Canolux LED luminaires can be installed as a direct replacement for 250W metal halide luminaires and will achieve acceptable illuminance at the pump.

Factor Typical 250W Metal Halide Canolux Canolux LED
Maintenance factor * 0.70 0.80
Average illuminance at floor 400 lux 364 lux
Average vertical illuminance at pump 140 lux 130 lux
Max GR (Glare) 20 21
Maximum total energy load 4.56 kW 1.56 kW
* The maintenance factor for the 250W metal halide is lower due to poorer lumen maintenance of the lamp.

Environmental Savings

Canolux LED not only offers significant energy savings, as well as financial savings, but also has less of an impact on the environment. The reduced power usage (Canolux LED uses half the power of the equivalent HID Canolux) also means that there is less carbon dioxide being generated while the luminaires are switched on.

In the example above Canolux LED requires less than half the number of trees to be planted to absorb/offset the CO2 emissions generated powering the lights. For further information on tree planting with a view to carbon offsetting please view the Thorlux Lighting carbon offsetting project.

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